FX35 Luxury LED linear light series marketing promotion

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FX35 Luxury LED linear light series

Design for various commercial illumination, anti-glare, UGR<19, can be recessed, suspending and surface mount as per your demand. Bring most comfortable shopping experience to customers.

– Hotel
– Shopping mall
– Retail store
– Gallery & Museum
– Living room
– Modern office
– Private space

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CL-FX5530 UGR<19 linear lightCL-FX35+PC Cover + Reflect Cover UGR<19CL-FX3590 Up and Down LightingCL-FX5560-PC Cover UGR<19

CL-FX5530 UGR<19

designed for down light

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CL-FX35+PC Cover + Reflect Cover UGR<19

linear lamp + down light

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CL-FX35 + Reflect Cover UGR<19

3 groups of led down light

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CL-FX5560-PC Cover UGR<19

recessed linear light

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CL-FX3590 Up and Down LightingCL-3583 Up and Down LightingCL-8080 Linear Luminaires 270°beam angle 120lm/WLed wall washer

CL-FX3590 Up and Down Lighting

up and down light

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CL-3583 Up and Down Lighting

up and down light bright color

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CL-8080 Linear Luminaires
270degree beam 120lm/W

270 degree tube light built-in driver

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Led wall washer

Wall washer light 5w

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